The Missing Touch In Modern Day Society

The world is changing so fast; knowledge is escalating and technology has literally taken over our lives to extents where most of us barely have time for reality anymore. Do you at times feel life is moving faster than normal? Overwhelmed by the superficiality of present day life and the increasing neglect of reality and truth? Perhaps you are a victim of neglect in the wake of technology and growing demands of the modern world; and you are aware of the missing touch of modern day society.

Are you in a bad space and you don’t know who to tell and how to get out? You could be feeling alone, insecure, misunderstood, alone or depressed and everyone is too busy on their phones or wild schedules to notice. Many people often tend to feel misunderstood and overtaken by life. Most probably due to how society is changing the definition of so many things including the intrinsic values of existence.

Life is gradually becoming counterfeit with superficial fabricated relationships and consequent extensive emptiness; we are living in a world where one might probably feel more alone when surrounded by people than he would in the solitude of his own keep. We may revel in all our fancy gadgets and fleeting sources of pleasure but deep down, we still long for that touch that modern day society is missing.
The missing touch in modern day societyI’m Tissa Joy, and I’ll be blogging about anything that embraces purpose, reality and truth. Leave a comment in the comment box to share your views. Or get in touch with me via email for a personal encounter. You can also subscribe to receive new posts in your inbox.

Thank you for joining me, never feel alone and remember, God loves you.


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