About Tisanke Joy Simasiku

About Healthy Minds

Hello, I’m Tissa Joy, mother to four sons and one daughter; wife to Lunde Simasiku, a very supportive, gentle calm, and loving man; and owner of two beautiful Maltese called Fifi and Strawberry. I’ll share with you a little about myself and Healthy Minds.

Currently, I’m a physiotherapist (BSc, Dp) by profession; however, my passion for getting to know and understand mankind better is driving me towards the pursuit of psychology and social sciences.


A good day for me is spent indoors with my family. In leisure, I read, write stories, poetry, inspirational or religious work. I really love food, so I experiment a lot in the kitchen cooking and baking.

I grow my own vegetables in the back yard along with a few spices and herbs. In a nutshell, I love people, animals, nature and I dream of farm life.

About Healthy Minds

The biggest asset one possesses is the mind; thus an unhealthy mind is a liability that can cost you your whole life. Most often the mind may be damaged by past experiences especially those encountered during childhood. Traumatic childhood experiences often leave permanent or long-lasting damage to one’s mind. That is why Healthy Minds has to include the roots in order to impact change.

Family life and parenting styles have a direct impact on one’s mental health be it, child or adult. A dysfunctional home produces delinquent and disgruntled human beings. This blog will cover issues concerning love, family life, parenting, and all the components of mental well-being. Because this is where it all begins.

The Vocal Heart

I’ve got life all figured out hey? No, not really. I feel it’s only fair that you should know this side of me too: I adopted the self-proclaimed title Vocal Heart way back when I was a teenager; when life was still a mystery to me and I found it hard to fit into most social settings. I had so much to say to the world, but for fear of being misunderstood (of which I often was), I opted to bottle it all up and turn to paper as my best friend.

My pen told it all; my thoughts, my dreams, my fears, my hopes, and my fantasies. For me, reading and writing became my point of escape. This went on through my early years of adulthood; low self-esteem, feelings of inadequacy, and being “just not good enough” and fear of the unknown.

Low self-esteem and fear are now a thing of the past, along with all the negatives that come with those vises; but the Vocal Heart still lives. The paper is still my best friend (second to my husband of cause), and the pen still tells it. I hope you’ll like it here. Remember to believe in yourself, trash fear, and soar high till you grasp your destiny.

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